Musicians and concerts

The city of Venice offers an invaluable historical and cultural heritage of  Musicians and concerts. Over the centuries it has been a land of trade but also of culture. One of the great arts of the Lagoon is music. Concerts have been an integral part of everyday life in Venice. Venice has been the birthplace of great artists and has hosted a number of foreign artists.

Antonio Vivaldi, a Venetian composer, is famous all over the world and has been re-evaluated and revived after his death. Today many contemporary artists, musicians and concerts interpret his works in the Baroque style.

 Another great Venetian was the composer Antonio Salieri, who has always been appreciated by European royalty and politicians. We also remember the Burano composer musicians and concerts Baldassarre Galuppi. 

The lagoon was also loved by great foreign artists such as Igor Stravinsky. Here the Franco-Russian composer played in St Mark's Basilica in 1956. He formally requested to be buried in Venice, together with his wife Vera. Both rest in San Michele Cemetery. 

Contemporary music includes Patty Pravo, the Italian pop icon from Dorsoduro, who trained at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory. On the mainland, however, the Italian rock band Le Orme, also known in the European progressive scene and much loved by Venetians, was formed. 

The lagoon has been the backdrop for great concerts. The most famous was the one held by Pink Floyd on 15 July 1989 during the Redentore Festival.  No Italian will ever forget this great concert that attracted young people from all over Europe. After the concert the traditional Redentore Festival fireworks were held. 

Live music is still played in some historic venues in Venice such as Bacaro Jazz and Venice Jazz Club. Alternative and independent bands are thriving in the clubs of the lagoon. When you visit Venice, we recommend that you pay a visit to the clubs that play live concerts. Our Venice map will help you to find a club, risto pub or whatever you are looking for.