Venice After Dark

Living an evening in Venice will fill your mind with a thousand memories. No matter how small Venice is, you will find what you are looking for if you want to enjoy a good night out. Venice has magnificent rooftop bars, such as the Skyline Rooftop bar or LaTerrazza bar, with unforgettable panoramic views. You can sip a Spritz or Bellini while gazing out over the canals of Venice. Everywhere you go, whether it's a disco club or the Venice Casino, you can sip the famous Prosecco.

A must at nightfall is Harry's Bar near St Mark's Square where you can both dine and enjoy an aperitif. Similar in style is Bar Dandolo at the Hotel Danieli, a rooftop bar not too far away.

Historic 'cafés' such as Caffe Florian and Gran Caffè Quadri in St. Mark's Square are also great stops for a refined aperitif. If, on the other hand, you prefer a cocktail in a more characteristic but stylish place, you should go to Osteria Paradiso PerdutoBacaro Jazz, on the other hand, is a place where Venetians go to watch football matches or listen to live local bands. A more niche Jazz venue is the Venice Jazz Club, a must for Jazz lovers.

If you don't want to shut yourself away in a specific bar, wander around Campo Santa Margherita, the heart of Venice's youthful nightlife. There you can walk into any discopub, grab a drink and sit down, or continue your stroll sipping on the street. A similarly dynamic atmosphere can be found at the Santo Bevitore Pub in Cannareggio, a temple for lovers of craft beers.

As you can see, despite being a simple island, Venice has a lot to offer for those who want to discover the city's nightlife. Don't limit yourself to this list though, Venice has many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.