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San Marco Fullday Itinerary
Piazza San Marco
Departure after a hearty breakfast in the direction of the San Marco sestiere, the most important from a tourist point of view.
San Marco and Castello Itinerary
San Marco is the beating heart of Venetian tourism, and here you'll find the main attractions.
San Polo and Dorsoduro
San Polo and Dorsoduro tour will take place in two sestieri with a high concentration of tourist attractions.
The Ghetto, Cannaregio and Castello
Cannaregio is known for its Ghetto and for the Jewish community that was forced to live here from 1516 to 1797.
Giudecca and San Giorgio Maggiore
Giudecca and San Giorgio Maggiore tour covers two destinations that the hit-and-run tourist often overlooks, either because of time constraints or…
Murano Itinerary
Departure by vaporetto 4.1 or 4.2 from Fondamente Nove. You can opt for line 3 from Piazzale Roma or the green tourist line. 
Burano Itinerary
This is an itinerary of Burano, one of the first towns in the lagoon, famous for its air-stitched lace.
Venice Lido Bike Tour
Once you take the vaporetto and get off at the Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta stop, you will find yourself on the Lido. Rent a bicycle from one of the…
Discovering the gardens of the Lagoon
Sant'Erasmo Venice
This full day tour, unusual for tourists, will certainly be very interesting for those who want to discover hidden corners of the Lagoon.
The best museums of Venetian art
This tour is for those who love Venetian art and the history of Venice. You won't be walking a lot, but you will spend a lot of time indoors in the…