Where to Drink Coffee, Spritz or Prosecco

Italy is not only a country of history, culture, and art. It also features an incredible gastronomic scene and an admirable coffee culture. In Italy, particularly in Venice, you can skip sitting at the table to enjoy your drink. You can indulge in a good coffee with cornetto, juice, or a cocktail while standing. It is common to savor a drink while standing at the bar. To enhance your cultural experience, you can chat with the bartender. After a pleasant conversation and a delicious experience, remember to leave a tip to show your appreciation.

Best places for coffee in Venice

Venice has quite a few outstanding cafes, and you can find most in our guide on coffee houses in Venice. However, these are indeed the best places for coffee in Venice:

Quadri is one of the oldest and most historical coffee houses in Venice. It has been recently renovated by the new owners, who managed to offer fresh modern options while keeping the caffès’ old charm.

Caffè Florian is the icon of Venice and the symbol of the city’s coffee culture. It has been the meeting place of many legendary people since 1720.

Caffè del Doge stands near the Rialto Bridge and is one of the favorite places of Venetians. This coffee house serves fantastic drinks while helping the children from coffee-growing communities.

Rosa Salva has been around since the 19th century. Today, it has several locations, including one near St Mark’s Square, where you can enjoy great coffee, pastries, and gelato.

Caffè Rosso is a bohemian Venetian caffè located near Campo Santa Margherita, the epicenter of the city’s nightlife.

Every trip to Venice should include tasting Italian prosecco. Venetians love prosecco and can enjoy it anytime, especially at the end of the day. The most famous Italian cocktails - Spritz and Bellini - are prosecco-based. These cocktails are the staple of modern Venetian culture

The original Spritz is a mix of a dry white, Campari, Aperol, and soda. The recipe for Bellini consists of blended white peach with prosecco added without stirring. Trying one of these fantastic drinks in Venice is a must. We recommend going out for a drink to one of the many rooftop bars in the city. Sipping a tasty beverage while enjoying a breathtaking view of Venice and the Lagoon is a memorable experience. 

An alternative way to enjoy a drink is to visit a local pub. Venetian pubs offer an impressive selection of international spirits. However, pubs are most famous for their fine craft beers. Italy has a lot to offer in the world of craft beers. There are hundreds of microbreweries scattered all over the country. If you are into unique and exciting experiences, try one of the pub crawling tours

Best bars in Venice

The bar scene is undoubtedly one of the best things about Venice. There are quite a few choices, with some of the most renowned venues among them. 

These are the best bars in Venice:

Harry’s Bar was once a favorite Venice hangout spot of Ernest Hemingway, as well as many other artists, celebrities, and politicians.

Caffe Lavena was established in 1750 during the Austro-Hungarian empire. It has been the favorite of Richard Wagner, Gabriele D’Anunzio, and many renowned generations of Venetians. 

Margaret Duchamp is a well-known Venice pub located on Campo Santa Margherita, which is a perfect destination for a night out. The pub is a great place to enjoy the spritz and other drinks, especially later at night.

Devil’s Forest Pub has a powerful atmosphere of a classic British pub. There are Guinness and Paulaner on tap, rugby matches on the TVs, and tables for playing chess.