When to visit Venice and what to bring

Venice has a lot to offer: the six historic sestieri and the 118 islands. Choosing when to visit is crucial if you want to take advantage of this great variety of attractions. Most people visit between June and August, taking advantage of Italy's 'bella stagione'. However, the best time to visit is in spring, between April and May when it is not hot and there are few tourists. Also from September to October, taking advantage of the summer, you can enjoy the beauty of Venice.

Most foreign tourists also visit Italy between June and August to take advantage of the sea. The sea is quite warm if you want to go swimming, especially between July and August. One choice that is not too far from Venice is Lido di Jesolo.

The majority of Italians go on holiday in August, which will not harm you if you want to visit Venice.  Venetians who work in tourism do not go on holiday, as August is the height of the tourist season. August in Italy is a month of intense heat and there are plenty of tourists visiting Venice. Keep this in mind.

If you prefer to visit the lagoon city at its most dusky and evocative, visit Venice in November. November is the season of fog and high water, with very few tourists visiting the city. High water can be a problem, but don't get too discouraged, it lasts at most two hours and the Municipality of Venice is equipped with raised walkways and waterbus diversion. Keep this in mind though.

If you want to visit Venice during the Christmas period you will have an intense and unique experience, the city decorated with festive decorations is unforgettable.

Try to visit Venice when one of the annual events such as the Carnival or the Biennale are taking place. You'll breathe a vibrant atmosphere.

What to bring

To make your trip easier, it is best to limit your luggage and take only the bare essentials. Unless you've budgeted for a water taxi and porter service, it's best not to travel with heavy, bulky luggage.

In Venice there are no roads passable by cars, so luggage transport is handled either by the tourist himself or by a porter. Porter services can be perceived as expensive. If you do not want to spend money on porters, limit your luggage. Limiting luggage in terms of weight and bulk can be advantageous if you are not travelling with a private water taxi. Keep this in mind if you have booked away from Piazzale Roma and have to use a vaporetto.